Weather protected speakers

Speed/rpm sensors

Connectors and wires


SoundRacer speaker is designed for exterior use and fully weather protected.

Speaker 3 inch

SoundRacer speaker EVSP31, 25W, 4 Ohm. IP68. 96x96x90 mm, weight 391g.
Powerful sound, the best speaker we have tested.
Superseal connector, cable connector included.


SoundRacer Hall sensor produce a pulse each time a magnet south pole passes within 10 mm. EVHS-01

Hall sensor w magnets

SoundRacer Hall sensor and magnets. Can be connected directly to the sound module. Four magnets are included.

CAN BUS Interface reads vehicle speed or electric motor RPM and produce pulses to the sound module.



CANM8 Pulse interface, more info here:


Connector and wire set for EVSMA-1, CW16

Cables-connector set

Cable set with wires and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Delivered as 8 pcs 300 mm wires with terminals in both ends, see picture, to be cut in 16 wires with terminal in one end.


Connector with terminals for EVSMA-1, CT16

Set with 16 pcs terminals and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Terminals can be crimped or soldered to wires. Wires not included.