IP68 speakers

Speed/rpm sensors

Connectors and wires


SoundRacer speaker.

SoundRacer speaker EVSP31, 4 Ohm. IP68. 96x96x90 mm, weight 330g.
Powerful sound: Rated Input 20 W, Max. Input 40 W. SPL 89 dB/W (1M) ±2 dB
SuperSeal male connector, female connector is included.

SoundRacer Hall sensor produce a pulse each time a magnet south pole passes within 10 mm. EVHS-01

Littelfuse 55100 -3H-02-A Hall sensor. Can be connected directly to the sound module. Four magnets and the required pull-up resistor are included.

CAN BUS Interface reads vehicle speed and produce pulses to the sound module.

CANM8 Pulse interface. Detects vehicle speed from a large number of electric vehicles, including Tesla, Leaf, i3,  Zoe, Volt, all J1938  and many other. More info here:


Connector and wire set, CW16

Cable set with wires and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Delivered as 8 pcs 300 mm wires with terminals in both ends, see picture, to be cut in 16 wires with terminal in one end.

Connector with terminals for, CT16

Set with 16 pcs terminals and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Terminals can be crimped or soldered to wires. Wires not included.

Only one connector is needed for the installation but if you plan to test the system also out of the vehicle we suggest that you buy an extra connector.