SoundRacer EVS

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

Sounds for increased safety around silent vehicles

The silence of electric vehicles is highly appreciated by most drivers, passengers and people outside the vehicle. But in some situations a warning sound is required in order to increase safety for people in front of the vehicle. SoundRacer EV Sound is designed to help EV manufacturers meet the legislation’s for pedestrian warning sound, AVAS, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System.

SoundRacer AB is a leading manufacturer of electronic engine sound devices. With >10 years of development we are a competent supplier of sound technology for improved safety in electric vehicles.

Electric and hybrid vehicles warning sound, AVAS Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

EU regulation

”The sound shall be easily indicative of vehicle behaviour and should sound similar to the sound of a vehicle of the same category equipped with an internal combustion engine” Full document is available in several languages here

US regulation

Info on US regulation can be found here


United Nations Regulation No. 138.   link to pdf


Why realistic engine sounds in AVAS?

The main idea with the warning sound is that a person at risk should immediately perceive the situation and be able to take the right action in order to avoid a dangerous situation. A realistic engine sound will have that effect while a synthetic sound need to be analyzed first, causing a delay that can be fatal.

The SoundRacer technology is developed to give a realistic sound impression indicating if the vehicle is idling, accelerating, decelerating or cruising. The different sound characters and sound volume is determined from information about the actual speed of the vehicle and rate of speed change.

The sound will give people in the surrounding the best possible chance to determine the behavior of an approaching electric vehicle.
As a result, the sounds will also be less likely to be disturbing compared to adding new types of synthetic sounds into the traffic environment.

That said, any type of sound can be used in the SoundRacer AVAS system.

Our AVAS product is delivered with several professional recorded engine sounds, including 4-cylinder, big diesel, V8, V10 and V12.
Other sounds can be developed by our associated consultants or by the user with the included Windows sound file generation program.

SoundRacer AB is supplier of AVAS to several manufacturers of electric cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.

We have solid experience in this field and look forward to develop sound solutions together with electric vehicle manufacturers.


Sound module EVSMA-1 and accessories are available from SoundRacer AB in Sweden.
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