EV Sounds


Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

External alert/warning sounds

Warning sounds are developed in cooperation with each vehicle manufacturer to develop the sounds to a unique sound profile for each vehicle. The sounds for electric cars are normally based on recordings from a standard 4 or 6 cylinder internal combustion engine car. In the process we will adapt the sounds to the use as warning sounds following guidelines and requirements from the authorities  in the main markets for the specific vehicle.

The sound control software includes a function to mute the warning sound above a specific vehicle speed, EU level is 20 km/h, US is 18 mph/29 km/h. This function is one of 30 parameters that can be set when generating the sound files with the Windows software that is included with the sound module.

What sound do people prefer? This is a new question that the automotive industry must investigate when they develop electric cars. The survey of more than 400 people in North America and Europe found most people favoring a ”traditional engine sound” (almost 50%) or a V-8 engine sound” (20%).

What type of sound has the best warning effect? Probably a realistic engine sound since most people immediately recognize it as coming from a motor vehicle.
Example: For electric buses and fork lift trucks we included the sound of a big diesel engine.

Interesting article on the subject: What Noise Does the Electric Car Make? Don Norman, cognitive science professor

Entertainment engine sound

Although the silence of electric vehicles is highly appreciated by most drivers, many drivers actually appreciate the exciting sound of a powerful combustion engine when driving. SoundRacer can make electric vehicles more attractive to them by providing exciting super sports car engine  sounds for electric cars and equally awesome motorcycle sound for electric motorcycles and scooters. Electric gokarts, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles NEVs, cars converted to electric, private built electric cars and golf karts are other vehicles that can get an improved driving experience with EVEESS™.

8 sounds included with each EVSMA-1 sound module.
These car sounds: Standard 4-cylinder, big diesel truck, Shelby Mustang V8, Lamborghini V10, Ferrari V12, Lexus LFA V10 and the motorcycle sounds Suzuki GSX and Classic American V-Twin are delivered on a MicroSD memory card with each sound module. With a click on a connected button the next sound is loaded in a few seconds.

Engine sound samples with sound fade out over a certain speed can be heard here: 4 cylinder    diesel truck

The following videos show sounds used in the SoundRacer products, the same sounds are used in the EV sound modules.
We recommend to use good pc speakers or headphones when listening to the videos in order to get the right impression.

Shelby V8 engine sound

Lamborghini V10 engine sound

Lexus LFA V10 engine sound

Ferrari V12 engine sound

Classic V‐Twin motorcycle SoundRacer prototype tested in a  SAAB 9-5 NG BioPower 

Many more videos can be found on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=soundracer

SoundRacer can supply many other types of sounds and can also arrange professional recordings of vehicles.

With the included Windows software it is also possible to generate SoundRacer sound files from customers own recordings.